Thursday, February 19, 2009

d story of inspiration...


Helloo frnds... this is my first take at will take sumtym to catch up !! :-)

As the name of the blog itself suggests this blog is entirely and completely dedicated to my frnds & spl persons in my lyf who have always inspired me to do sumthing or the other in lyf...

The birth of this blog itself is inspired by sum of my best frnds who themselves enterd the blog world a few weeks back.. (& have shortly been in limelight, soo this is inpart a small attempt to gather a tiny mini share for me tooo... !!)

Neways..i wud lyk to really thank all my frnds for being soo supportive n inspiring..

And yes as all static things need sum force, some impulse to gain blog, though inspired by many a no. of frnds, is specially specially dedicated to a vry dear person who came in my lyf very recently but seems as if i have known her for ages... thank u 4 being my frnd !!
(i hope u wil realize i m talkin bout u wen u read dis...)

This is truely the strength of "Inspiration".... "U R My Inspiration"


  1. amazing work....
    Aman singhal..
    keep it up...

  2. thnx shivani...u r also my inspiration, dear sistr !!

  3. welcome to the world of blogging dear frnd....surely we are there to inspire you....and we will too be inspired by you..its ALL THE BEST!!! Happy blogging!!!