Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The GoodBye Kiss...

the first time we met,
we saw each other

you sat next 2 me,
i wished we cud sit together

i askd ur number,
but u refused,

i askd ur 4 ur charm,
but u got confused

i gave u a chance,
but u rejected

u said u need smtym,
nd u stood corrected

i waited 4 u,
i cut thru my nights without sleep

but u never cared.
nd kept ur decison so deep

u hav lost something,
i hope u do

others can see wat dey can hav,
but not you

i liked u a lot,
i honestly did

but u never noticed,
where u kept ur feelings as hid?

i showed u my heart.
i showed u hw much i love u

but u kept asking 4 tym,
nd u never gave me a clue

i knew u love me,
i cud see dat in ur eyes

y did u never show dat 2 me?
y did u always roll my heart like dies?

if u want to say something,
just say it

never wait 4 any miracle to happen,
bcz its gonna hurt u only